Design Principles

Belpink adheres to the development concept of originality, R & D technology innovation, user-centered, adhering to the“Simple, easy-to-use, reliable” product design philosophy, while attaching importance to user experience, fully consider the actual use of the user scenarios, the introduction of a unique style of excellent products. At present has a number of domestic and foreign invention patents, and won a number of design awards;

R & D technology and quality strength

 In addition to innovation, Belpink also focuses on improving technology and quality advantages, seeking excellent technical partners in various fields. Belpink Lab is founded by 10 Professional R & D engineers, annual R & D investment of more than 5 million in science and technology in the field of consumer electronics industrial design, hardware design, software R & D, Process Manufacturing and master a number of core technologies, the company has a professional r & D team, with innovative technology research and development and design concept accumulated user reputation and brand mentality. At the same time through the continuous development and introduction of advanced production technology and technology to ensure that the production links of high efficiency, high quality and sustainable. In order to ensure the smooth global distribution of our products, we have localised the different products in different countries/regions to ensure that the quality of our products can pass the tests in all countries/regions of the world, such as U. S. Ul, India's BIS, Brazil's Anatel, Korea's KC and so on.